One-on-one Attention

Benefits of Coaching

A custom plan for you and your publishing journey
Support when you need it most
Faster learning and implementation so you level up your career sooner
Someone to keep you on track
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Our Coaching Streams

Choose a stream based on your current goals or get in touch with us to build a custom program.

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We offer coaching packages in twelve session blocks for all of the streams below, but we also offer one off coaching sessions if you simply need to work through a few things with a trusted professional.

Writing Skills

This stream is your one person critique group. We’ll take a few pieces of your writing and I’ll work through them with you to improve your storytelling skills. The focus of these sessions is dependent on your needs, but could include developing characters, improving your word choice, crafting chapters or scenes, and any number of other options.


This stream is for authors who need that little extra push to get things done. With me on your side (and in your inbox), you’ll be ready to slay procrastination and say hello to productivity.


Getting your first novel out there can be especially daunting. Not only do you have to write the damn thing, you also have to get it edited, formatted, and find a cover. You have to market it and build a website. Before you can do any of that, you have to decide on a genre and decide whether doing all the work above is even worth it. Let me be your guide.