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Hey There!

Our VIP Days are coming soon

We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you this exclusive service. To make sure things are running smoothly, we’ll be offering some special perks to the first authors to try one out (including a discounted price point).

As a thank you for trying out our new service first, any VIP Day booking made before the launch date will receive the following awesome bonuses:

Fantastic pre-launch discount
An ultra-long planning session (90 minutes)
An extra four weeks of follow ups
Free writing critique on a sample of your work
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Our VIP Days are intended to be an extension of our coaching sessions. You’ll get a full day where I’m entirely yours. I’ll answer your publishing questions. We can talk through your goals and set you up to succeed. If you’d like to do a day of intense plotting or editing with me by your side, that’s an option too. The sky is the limit.

These days will happen virtually and include a pre VIP Day Planning Session to discuss your goals for the day, and follow ups after our day together.

You’ll also receive access to tons of tools and resources and everything you need to succeed.

While you wait, here are some awesome features you can expect

Oodles of one-on-one time
A full day dedicated to you and your novel. One-on-one with no interruptions or distractions (unless you count a visit from my furry office assistants).
Three months of follow-ups
For the first two weeks following your VIP Day you’ll receive daily check-ins. Then weekly check-ins for a following four weeks. For the final six weeks, you’ll enjoy a fortnightly check-in
Pre VIP Day Planning Session
This forty-five minute session and is a chance for us to put together a personalized schedule for the day and go over your goals because I want you to get the most out of our day.