Our range of editing services will give your novel the best chance of success

Whether it’s a deep developmental edit or a final proofread, we work with you to make your novel the best it can be while offering competitive rates and exceptional support.

Every service is customized to your needs because we care just as much as you do about your book.

If you’d like to book in multiple services for the same book, or services for multiple books, get in touch and we’ll put together a custom package for you. Depending on your needs, a package will save you 15-20% compared to booking your services separately.

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Developmental Editing

$0.011-0.025 (approximately $770-1750 for a 70,000 word novel)

You’ve finished your first draft, you’ve had a look through it yourself and made a few changes but you need some more help. The story is okay but you think it could be better, the characters are okay but you know they could be better developed. You don’t know how to do it.

That’s where I come in. I work with my clients to improve their novel from a developmental standpoint. This is the most intensive and often the most difficult form of editing to go through as a writer. That is why you need an editor like me who will treat you with kindness as I help you pull apart your story and put it back together.

I’ll look at your plot, characters, pacing, setting, storytelling, and point out inconsistencies. You will get a personalized report along with in text comments. I’ll act as your sounding board and work with you to produce a page turner.

With me, you’ll only pay for the features you use. That means, if you’d prefer to take your report away and work on it without further input from me (for example), I’ll take that into account when writing up your personalized quote.

* You may see developmental editing referred to as substantive or content editing by some editors. These all refer to the same process.

Highly detailed report about your novel
A call to go over the report
Ongoing email and chat support as you work through your edits
Discounted coaching sessions
Personalized roadmap to implement my suggestions
Analysis of your novel for market readiness
Weekly check-ins to keep you on track while you're editing
Make your readers feel something

Line Editing

$0.009-0.015 (approximately $630-1050 for a 70,000 word novel)

The focus of line editing is at the sentence and paragraph level. By the time you get to this point with your manuscript, you shouldn’t be adding new scenes or playing around with your plot and theme. That means your scenes occur in the correct order and the plot is written in stone (or close to it).

Line editing will tighten up your prose and help it to sing. I will help you to enhance your voice and use each sentence to paint a picture for the reader.

If you don’t know if line editing is for you, take a look through your manuscript for these key indicators: repeated words and phrases or more than a few uses of words like ‘was’, ‘were’, ‘very’, ‘that’ on most pages. Your dialogue is falling a little flat. Or your advance readers are getting confused or not connecting with the story.

* You may see line editing mentioned as line-by-line editing or stylistic editing.

Line-by-line analysis of your novel for stylistic improvements
Suggestions at the scene level for composition and mood
Ongoing email and message support from me as you're editing
Discounted coaching sessions
Grammar solution

Copy Editing

$0.007-0.01 per word ($490-700 for a 70,000 word novel)

This one is a must for all authors. It doesn’t matter how great your own skills are—you will miss things.

Ideally, I’d suggest going through all the types of editing, if that’s not possible, do not skimp on copy editing.

By this point in the process, your plot is great, your prose draws your readers in, and you’re likely sick of the sight of your manuscript. Now it’s the time to make sure your writing is grammatically correct and stylistically consistent. When you work with me at this stage, you can choose from US English, UK English, or Australian English.

I’ll provide you with a style sheet which you can use for the rest of the books in your series. In addition, I’ll check for usage issues, spelling and grammar errors and stylistic consistency.

This is the type of editing most new authors think of as the only type of editing. It’s the classic red pen through all your typos and excess commas, but it’s also a sign you’re getting close to the end.

Thorough editing to adhere to Chicago Manual of Style or Oxford Style Guide
A style sheet you can add to for future books in your series
Ongoing email and chat support from me as you're editing
Explanations for editing choices
Typo time


$0.005-0.07 per word ($350-490 for a 70,000 word novel)

Proofreading is your very last step. You’ve got your novel fully edited and formatted, now you need a final set of eyes to find any sneaky errors that have slipped through the cracks or found their way into the manuscript during the formatting process.

Adherence to Chicago Manual of Style of Oxford Style Guide
I'll work with a provided style sheet from your copy editor to ensure consistency
Or, if you don't yet have a style sheet, I'll create one for you
Ongoing email and chat support from me as you're editing
Explanations for editing choices
Another set of eyes on your plan

Novel and Series Planning

Starting at $175 (rate is dependent on the amount of reading and support needed)

You’re right at the start of the writing process. You’ve got an idea and some characters but you want a professional to offer some advice and suggestions about your plan before you start writing. Whether you’re planning a standalone novel or a series this will help steer you in the right direction from day one.

This is a very individual service, it could be as simple as you sending me a one or two page list of scenes or as complicated as detailed foreshadowing and scene summaries. You tell me how much support you need and we’ll tailor something that fits your needs. I’ll even help you set up your series bible if you need.

It’s one of my favorite services and one that you’ll find isn’t commonly offered by freelance editors. There’s a lot of collaboration involved in the process, but it can save you a lot of time in writing and editing.

My comments on your novel or series plan
A coaching call to go over my comments
Ongoing email and chat support from me as you put these changes in place
Discounted coaching sessions
Book suggestions for comparison reading

A Note About Pricing

I’ve seen a lot of authors suffer from sticker shock when it comes to the cost of editing. How on earth are they supposed to make a profit when they’re spending potentially thousands on editing before they even publish?

That’s why I aim to keep my prices as competitive as possible. My rates remain below the Editorial Freelancer’s Association recommendations (something I’m able to do largely because of the Australian exchange rate).

Unfortunately, editing is incredibly time consuming which is what these rates reflect.

To give you an idea how payment works, here’s how I do things. I usually ask for a $50 deposit to secure your editing place with half payment for each round of editing due the same day as your project, and the other 50% upon completion of the project. If you need to discuss a payment plan, please get in touch with me.

There are a couple of things you can do to bring your costs down. Firstly, I offer packages for multiple editing rounds, these can save you 20% off your total editing costs. Get in touch for a custom quote.

If you’re just looking at this amount and thinking it’s completely outside of your budget, please get in touch with me. I offer a once per quarter Pay What You Can program. I choose a project based on merit and author need. Often, this means that the author chosen is from a minority group (BIPOC, queer, disabled, or neurodivergent). If you’d like to submit your novel for consideration, fill out this form.

Please note: All rates given are in USD.