How to Organize Your Ideas

How to Organize Your Ideas

I love ideas. They’re often unexpected, always exciting, and they’re usually thought provoking (for me at least). However, I always find I have too many of them. Like Dumbledore and the pensieve, sometimes I just need to get them out of my head so I can focus on my current project. Don’t take that brief mention as my supporting JK Rowling in her current transphobic battles, I am very much in support of all trans people.

JK Rowling aside. How do you get all those ideas out of your head but not scribbled on a napkin or sticky note? I’ve struggled with this for years. I love a good sticky note, until my cat decides to rip it from my computer and run off with it. Of course, it’s not very practical when it comes to remembering your ideas later.

One of the most common suggestions I hear from authors is to have an idea dump document. This seems great on its surface. I have both Google Docs and Microsoft Word apps easily available to me all the time via my laptop, phone, tablet, and PC. Except… in practice, this never worked for me. I found the very action of opening up Word/Docs and finding the document to be a giant hassle. So I never bothered and I was back where I started feeling overstuffed with ideas.

Turns out I was approaching things all wrong.

The past few months I’ve added a widget to my phone that allows me to add a note with the click of one button. It’s glorious. It’s also very simple.

To begin with, I was using the built in notes app on Android, but I’ve now switched over to Evernote which allows me to go back in later and easily add tags or view them easily on my PC because the account syncs to the desktop app.

All my ideas in one handy place.

I can even add photos easily.

If you’ve been struggling with a way to organize your ideas, give this a shot. It’s been a total gamechanger for me.

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